Hospital Tour

picture of Old York Veterinary reception area

Reception Area

Our vestibule entry provides a secure entry/exit with a double door system for patient safety as you come into and out of the building. The spacious reception area provides comfortable seating for clients and ample room for our patients to spread out so that they are at ease.

picture of Old York Veterinary exam room 1

Exam Room 1

Our first exam room features a fold-up exam table that can be extended for smaller animals or retracted to allow a big dog more floor space. The room is fully equipped to enable Dr. Campbell to perform a thorough examination and the computer workstation is connected to our practice management system.

picture of Old York Veterinary exam room 2

Exam Room 2

Our second exam room features a fixed exam table along with all of the equipment and supplies necessary for Dr. Campbell to perform a thorough examination. The computer workstation is networked to our state of the art practice management system, enabling fully digital records that follow the patient throughout the hospital.

picture of Old York Veterinary pharmacy area


Our pharmacy is a dedicated area complete with pharmaceuticals, specialty shampoos, heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Our new practice management system allows our trained technicians to print prescription labels quickly and easily.

picture of Old York Veterinary labratory

In House Laboratory

Old York Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of In-House and Referral laboratory services. Our in-house lab is supported by IDEXX services, a premier veterinary specific laboratory. Usually within 30 to 45 minutes, our blood and urine test results are available. This helps us minimize your anxious waiting for results, and allows us to make more rapid and well supported diagnosis. When necessary, we will send samples out to referral veterinary laboratories and universities throughout the country.

picture of Old York Veterinary treatment area

Treatment Area

Our large treatment area is fully equipped for all types of procedures. The new dental machine and wet sink enables Dr. Campbell to perform dental scaling and polishing, extractions, and other routine dental procedures.

picture of Dr. Campbell performing surgery

Surgery and Anesthesia

After a careful examination, our patients have an intravenous catheter placed. This allows us to administer IV anesthetics . All of our anesthetized patients receive warm intravenous fluids. Providing IV access and fluids helps us maintain hydration, blood pressure and administer medications. Anesthetized patients are constantly assessed by our exceptionally well trained staff. Technology is an integral part of safe anesthesia. Our advanced monitoring system aids the technician in evaluations. Our monitor will report EKG, non-invasive blood pressure, respiratory rate, pO2 (oxygenation), carbon dioxide levels as well as core body temperature.

All of these parameters are factored in the safest anesthesia for your pet. This information also gets electronically stored in their record. Our attentiveness to surgical sterility extends from our prep area to the patient and even the air in surgery. The surgery suite is equipped with HEPA filtration to help decrease the impurities in the surgery room air. This in turn, helps to decrease the chance of post-surgical infection in our patients.

picture of Old York Veterinary digital radiography machine

Digital Radiography

Our Digital Radiograph machine uses the most advanced method for providing us an X-Ray image. Digital radiographs are created by replacing the old x-ray film and chemicals with new reusable radiation sensitive plates and a computer . The images are available within 90 seconds.

Through use of the computer, we can adjust the radiograph, therefore helping to avoid the need to retake an x-ray. This decreases radiation exposure to your pet and our staff. The designated radiograph monitor for this system provides exceptional resolution. We are able to see very fine detail and subtle changes. Digital radiograph technology permits us to rapidly view a very high resolution image of our patient and thereby help with a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Old York Veterinary Hospital uses an electronic record keeping system to stores the digital radiographs of your pet in their record. These images can be easily retrieved and reviewed. The electronic records also give us the advantage of transferring this information instantly to a specialist for a second opinion on your behalf. Supplying the specialist with the best information about your pet helps them make decisions and decreases the need for retesting at the specialty facility.

picture of Old York Veterinary cat ward

Cat Ward

Cats are very special patients. They prefer a quiet environment, especially when kept in a hospital setting. This unique space offers a stress free room for our feline patients. This room has its own ventilation system and is physically separate from all other potentially noisy areas.

picture of Old York Veterinary receptionist Kelly

Paperless System

Our software provides fantastic opportunity to manage our patients files with integrated radiology/in house lab/surgical monitoring. We are supporting high standards with both our customers and the environment.

picture of Old York Veterinary soundproof wall


Our rooms were designed to keep noise contained - both for sound control and to ensure privacy when discussing medical cases.